Contraception and abortion on the Netherlands

Contraception and abortion on the Netherlands

Discover the ladies health care resources available for all over the world beginners and you will owners. We will direct you from gynaecology, pregnancy and you can birth assistance solutions in position. Read on to find out you exactly what national preventive wellness inspections you can expect.

Enjoying an excellent gynaecologist on the Netherlands

Observe a beneficial gynaecologist on Netherlands, you should have health insurance (zorgverzekering) and become inserted which have an excellent GP (huisarts) who can refer your getting an appointment. You can find very few personal techniques getting gynaecologists, when you has actually individual insurance coverage, you could replace your gynaecologist after all your family members doctor tends to make a referral.

During the Social Fitness Services of sexfinder Amsterdam’s Sexually Carried Infection (STI) Outpatient Infirmary (SOA Polikliniek) you could discovered a no cost test and you may, if required, a totally free way to STIs. You don’t need a household physician’s suggestion and you can medical health insurance is not required.

For those who have a past record which have a beneficial gynaecological reputation (e.g. an ovarian cyst), it’s better if you pass their medical info on to your doctor (GP) for the full analysis. Routine view-ups commonly the norm regarding the Netherlands. People get an invitation letter to own good pap smudge all the four decades and those over fifty rating a great mammography the 24 months. There are not any normal tests for various types of cancer.

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